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Below you will see some demos that can be achieved with this plugin. The code for the example gallery themes listed is converted from opensource projects, we are including them in the plugin as SAMPLES/TUTORIALS of what can be done.
Please enjoy!

jQuery Audio Control:
Zoom Grid:
Metro Style:


Have you ever wanted a streamlined interface to manage all your media in WordPress? Zero Gallery takes the Media section of WordPress a step forward and enriches it with a lot of new features and API that will make your life as a user and a developer a LOT easier.
Until yesterday we were forced to install different plugins with very different user interfaces and behaviour if we needed to have an audio player, a gallery with a lightbox or a slider.
This often lead to the creation of new undesired tables in the database, performance loss in the system, difficulties in the case of a site migration and last but not least, a horrible user experience.
If you are tired of installing dozens of plugins to achieve many different purposes that could be achieved by a single plugin, then Zero Gallery is the solution you’ve been looking for!


Zero Gallery is a WordPress Media Library enhancer and a complex gallery PHP framework.
Zero Gallery extends the standard WordPress Media Library by adding Themes, Albums, Galleries, Categories, Tags and custom fields on each Media inside an Album.

For users:

Zero Gallery offers users a new way to better manage their WordPress Media without leaving the good old familiar WordPress interface. An user can choose a global theme and/or a different theme for each different Album or Gallery he will create, depending on the type of content he wants to display. As a user you will get:

  • Unified Media interface: all in one place, exactly where it should be
  • Easily manageable Albums and Galleries
  • Native WordPress Performance for the gallery, no more database mess!
  • Easy theme switching!
  • Easily make an album, update the content, rearrange its items with drag’n drop
  • Finally make that holiday blog post count with a good picture album! :D


For developers:

Zero Gallery offers developers a powerful PHP framework to create new WordPress galleries, without having to worry about creating a backend management tool. A Zero Gallery theme can provide an unique single way to show images or other media file to users, be it a customizable slider, a Metro-style image collection, a photo album, an audio library, a YouTube video gallery and why not, a document viewer.
The limit is your imagination!
With Zero gallery you get:

  • Powerful API
  • Theming system similar to WordPress
  • function.php file for each theme is supported
  • Custom field declaration
  • Tags and Categories on native WordPress media
  • Shortcodes to embed galleries and albums in any page/post/anywhere

…and More to come!!!