Youtube search and place wizard for WordPress

Search for youtube video’s, autocomplete suggestions, see a preview and insert into the WordPress editor.
You can select some params like width, height, dark or light version. It will place an image placeholder and can be dragged to adjust the widht or height. After saving a small jquery script will replace the images into a youtube iframe (html5).

A great and simple way to insert youtube video’s into your content or posts pages.

  • Look and feel like it is a native plugin
  • Youtube search suggestions
  • Your editors will love it
  • Don’t leave the editor to insert youtube video’s

API key

This app uses my V3 API key from youtube. If you want to get in control you better can get your own API key.
Go to and create your own API key.
After that go to /plugins/tinymce-youtube/youtube/js/youtube.js
and open in any editor. Change what you need (API key, default width, height) , save and upload