YML Dump On-line Shop Content

Plugin BG_YML_DUMP to YML Dump WordPress + Woocommerce on-line shop content. YML (Yandex Markup Language) is formalized by Yandex XML subset. It’s utilized to dump on-line shop content (categories and products) and then load it to Yandex Market and some other partner program. You can get detais here http://www.stseprounof.org/yml-dump-wordpress-woocommerce-on-line-shop-content/

During dump process:

  • header is created with online shop name, company name, web-design agency name, web-designer email address, which are taken from plugin settings;
  • currency section is created. The main currency will be taken from Woocommerce settings and it’s rate is 1. If online shop works for different countries, those countries currencies will be included to this section and rates will be according Central (National) bank of the country, issues main currency;
  • category section is created. If a category is a child one, the parent category will be included;
  • all products is dumped;
  • one can include to the dump only some of product categories or exclude some of them.