Yandex Money Payment Gateway for EDD

This plugin lets you easily implement Yandex Money Payment Gateway to work with your EasyDigitalDownloads-based store.

This will let your customers purchase your digital goods with bank cards and with Yandex Money.

Plugin has Russian and English interface.

Yandex Money interface works in Russian or English, depending on the location of the user.

General Instructions
1. Install plugin.
2. Activate plugin.
3. Go to Downloads -> Settings -> Payment Gateways tab
4. Tick Yandex Money to enable it.
4. Fill in the details in Yandex Money Payment Gateway section. You will be able to easily get all required information from Yandex Money website.

Setup your Yandex Money account:

  • Register at
  • Go to and paste the address for notifications. Just grab your EDD confirmation link and paste it in there. That page must contain the EDD shortcode [EDD shortcode]. It is usually looks like, generated by EDD and contains the shortcode already.
  • Press ‘Show secret’, copy the secret word, you will paste it in the plugin’s settings.
  • Tick «Send notifications».
  • Save.

Setup the plugin: Go to Downloads -> Settings -> Payment Gateways tab. Find Yandex Money section. Fill in:

  • Yandex Money wallet number
  • Secret word from Yandex Money
  • Confirmation page (same you entered in Yandex Money
  • Setup the ruble exchange rate. If you are selling in rubles, put ‘1’
  • Purchase description