WPS Special Seo For Woocommerce

It is very important for any webmaster and blogger: More visitor! And perhaps this is even more important: More targeted visitor!
So we have to use search engines for this purpose. And we need to optimize your content for these engines. which means SEO.

Many SEO plugins for WordPress have some drawbacks for use with WooCommerce, such as:

  • Not specifically designed for WooCommerce.
  • Working with some of them is not automatic and requires a lot of settings! (Which will not be very useful for ordinary users)
  • It does not introduce products as a Special Object, with its specific elements, for search engines. (Such as price, color, …)
  • And more

The “Special SEO for WooCommerce” plugin for this purpose is provided for you. This plugin introduces your products to search engines (especially Google) by new methods and special. And it also supports side features such as synchronizing your product on social networks.

Some important features of the plugin:

  • best similar keywords AutoSuggest for the product
  • Optimize product display for social networks
  • Auto adding product star-reviews in google search results
  • Auto adding breadcrumbs in google search results
  • Manage of Google translation for products
  • Auto adding true Title and ALT to product images
  • Auto adding product prices to search results in Google
  • Quick update with new features
  • Technical support by our team