WPK External Images Gallery

The WPK External Images Gallery plugin provides you an easy way of creating image galleries by using remotely stored images (feature which is not available by default in WordPress), and integrates perfectly with any WordPress installation, be it a single installation or a MultiSite one.

Once the plugin is activated all posts will display a new meta box on their edit screens where you can create your custom gallery using remotely stored images. The gallery manipulation is done through AJAX, therefore is no need to click the Update button for your posts, pages or products after any action taken in the WPK External Images Gallery meta box.

The WPK External Images Gallery is incredibly easy to use, it is responsive and very configurable. Every gallery can be customized individually for each post by choosing the number of columns to generate for each row. You can also set the height of the images so they look great on your pages, yes say goodbye to hard-coded sizes and headaches caused by editing core files.

WPK External Images Gallery also provides a custom hook so you can use it in your theme to register other custom post types if your theme has any, in order to enable the gallery on them too!

Since v1.1 images in gallery are sortable.

Since v1.2 the gallery can be generated using shortcodes anywhere in your website.


  1. External images
  2. Sortable images list
  3. Shortcodes available
  4. Easy to customize
  5. Magnific popup gallery mode
  6. Super easy installation
  7. Available for all blog posts
  8. Available for WooCommerce products
  9. Available for any custom posts that you register
  10. Integrates seamlessly with all WordPress themes
  11. Lazy loading images
  12. Premium support
  13. Responsive design
  14. MultiSite ready
  15. Translation ready

If you use the Gallery on your website and you’re satisfied with its functionality I would really appreciate it if you could take a moment and rate it, this way you will help other members notice a quality product!

Thank you!