WPBakery – Thumbnails & Captions

WPBakery - Thumbnails & Captions - 1
WP Bakery Factory – Thumbnails and Captions will give you some nice, fresh and easy to use image captions for every enviroment. Highly Customizable also !

Demo Link: click here to check them out !

WPBakery - Thumbnails & Captions - 2
1)Caption text: Usually for the main title
2)Thumbnail size: How big should be the thumbnail(by default it comes 100%)
3)Thumbnail rounding: If you want the corners rounded or to make the element round.
4)Background Image: The desired image
5)Thumbnail URL: the url to follow on click
6)Different colors: based on the selected design
7)Custom CSS: customize further with css on this specific element.

Current Thumbnails:

  • Rounded SlideUp
  • Lined Zoom
  • Slight Incline
  • Pixelify
  • Shakey
  • Tilt Shine
  • Fast Zoom
  • Expand
  • Filler
  • Diamond
  • Frame Expand
  • Push Right

Thanks for your interest and support. I will update this frequently with more designs !
Wish you all the best!