WP SMS Marketing

You can add upto 10 images and handle them from one place, as easy as you are adding a group in system. IVR,timezone, admin call, Call recording, Images Logs is now Live with WP SMS Marketing V3, You can choose numbers and subscriber to send updates with options rather you want to send to new subscriber or to all subscriber. You can shuffle multiple number by selecting multiple in sequence.


WP SMS marketing is a fully integrated plugin to enhanced marketing purpose; WP SMS marketing application has rich features like Bulk SMS, Scheduler, Campaigns, Auto Responder.

If you are running hotel, restaurant, hospital, you will deferentially need this plugin in your life, you can control your customer you are dealing with remotely. e.g if you are running restaurant and you have a product like Pizza, every person send/subscribe your Pizza campaign/group by SMS or Call, You can send him automated information, promotions, notifications, discount offers by bulk, schedule or manually all of your management in your finger tip with WP SMS Marketing.


  1. This plugin uses Twilio To work, you must have or create twilio account for WP SMS Marketing.
  2. This plugin required cron job yourinstall.com/wp-content/plugins/wp-messaging/plugin_files/run_scheduler.php for every 15 minutes everyday.
  3. Using Multi-site of WordPress might return some false positive behavior, its is recommended and suggested that you use this plugin in single and normal install Network Plugin Schedule and Direct Twilio Script Access Might return Error For Multi-Install Network plugin Activation
  4. you need cron job for scheduler and campaign scheduled delayed sending.
  5. with new release of number rotating time delay depends on how many subscribers are there it can take 15 minutes if you have 2000 subscriber to send bulk message with or without rotator.

Whats New

  • SMS/MMS supported upto 1600 characters
  • Number Rotator
  • Bulk Number Selection
  • Send Bulk to new subscriber
  • Send Bulk To All Subscriber


  • SMS / MMS message supports upto 1600 characters
  • MMS Supported to all Campaign System
  • Campaign Subscription through IVR
  • Call recording
  • Images MMS Logs
  • Add upto 10 images for one campaign
  • HELP message Controlling
  • STOP Subscription Controlling
  • Dual Messages Support for Subscriber
  • Bulk SMS
  • Selective SMS
  • Campaign delayed sending
  • Campaign Management
  • Scheduler
  • Timezone auto detection
  • Multiple handling
  • All timezone supported
  • Widget Support
  • Widget Customization
  • Widget Integration
  • Widget Log
  • Widget Management
  • Call Subscription
  • Voice Speech based IVR
  • Music Clip based IVR
  • Call input subscription
  • SMS subscription
  • Manual Subscriber add
  • add subscriber by CSV
  • Assign message to specific or selection subscribers
  • Set AutoResponder
  • AutoResponder Back Notification
  • AutoResponder two way notification
  • notification by SMS
  • Notification by mail
  • Multiple number assignment
  • Multiple Campaign Management
  • Retrive your existing numbers for Twilio
  • Toll free numbers
  • Area based numbers
  • SMS and MMS Supported Numbers
  • Dashboard overview system
  • Set Custom message for IVR
  • Cron Job Based Scheduling
  • Developer Friendly