WP Shoutcast & Icecast Radio Player — «Line-R» w/ AAC+


It’s a WordPress edition of the popular Radio Plugin – Sticky Shoutcast & Icecast Radio Player — «Line-R»: 125 Purchases, almost 5 stars rating.

Line-R Radio Player it’s a simple beautiful tiny radio player for your site. Find the best sizes and colors for yourself and embed it in your page right now. It works on tablets and personal computers, you can even embed it to your mobile HTML 5 app.

Try it!

Radio Player Features

  • AAC+ streams supports
  • Multistreaming
  • Stream info & Metadata
  • Custom color themes
  • Original realtime waveform
  • Icecast and Shoutcast streams supports
  • Sticky to Bottom or Top
  • Can be non-sticky and placed in any block
  • Tiny theme version
  • Social sharing for NowPlaying [FaceBook, Twitter, Google Plus]
  • Buy Button for your music catalog or stream advertisements
  • Shows nowplaying (Artist, Band, Album) for song which plays
  • LastFM covers for each song
  • Mobile & Retina ready
  • Touchscreen optimized
  • Create Your Own Styled Stream Player