WP Presentation By Season

WP Presentation by Season is an extension which focuses the users’ attention on the posts or the Woocommerce products,related to the current season always displaying them on top. It helps users group posts and products by seasons. It is fully compatible with Woocommerce.


    • Shows the posts or products of the current season at the top of the catalogue.
    • Adds products sorting by current seasons if you have Woocommerce installed.
    • Automatically observes the set seasonal periods, changes the active season and sorts the posts/publications according to it.
    • Creates countless seasons.
    • Easy installation without additional settings.
    • Easy attachment of posts/products to seasons
    • – from the post/product admin page.


      – with quick editing.


      – with bulk edit.


  • A post/product can be attached to several seasons simultaneously.
  • A Shortcodes generator included.
  • Comes with two widgets.
  • Fully compatible with Woocommerce – especially designed to work with it.