WP Live Content Filter


This plugin provide an input box to filter a specified DOM selector (like `.products li` or `item`) and hide those who does not contain the inputed text. User start writing into the input box and the plugin start filtering the DOM elements, hiding those who does not contain filter text.

Filtering can be done with preset words buttons which fill automatically the filter with customized words.

In addition the plugin let you order the filtered element in ascendig or descending order the filtered resulting elements and change the layout (list or grid) of the elements.

The plugin work with a shortcode which let the user customize pratically all the parameters (see `Shortcode use` section to view a full list).

Customizations of the filter box appearance and the animation parameters can be done from configuration page.

It is possible to integrate the filter into the Woocommerce product page: in this case the customization can be made via configuration page.

This plugin require Redux Framework plugin to work. TGMPA plugin is provided to install required plugin on activation.

Feature list

This section describes the features of the plugin.

  • Ease of use via shortcode button generator
  • Multiple filters on a page and grouped filtering on the same data
  • Customizable shortcode parameters: * input box text * filter DOM selector * filter type * effect DOM selector * custom class * display clear filter button icon * display sorting results button icon * display layout change button icon
  • Styling customization via configuration page: * background color * text color * borders styling * icon buttons colors * preset labels background and text color
  • Filtering animation via Mixitup by Kunkalabs * duration * effect * easing
  • Automatic Woocommerce product page integration, customizable via configuration page
  • Fully translatable via .PO files.
  • ReduxFramework-made configuration page
  • TGM-Plugin-Activation dependancy installer
  • Built on WordPress Plugin Boilerplate by Tom McFarlin.