WP Featured Images Pro

This plugin is used to set multiple featured images, default featured image for posts and custom posts type. You can convert your featured image into responsive slider automatically.

By default, wordpress allows you to add a single feautured image to any post/page or custom post type post. This plugin allows you to add unlimited number of featured images for posts from the same post edit screen.

Multiple Featured Images

Display Images In Responsive Slider

After adding multiple featured images for any post/page or custom post type, this plugin allows you to display those images in a responsive slider instead of showing the first featured image that wordpress shows by default on frontend. No shortcode required. Just selecting the checkbox will do the whole process automatically for your wordpress website. Slider effects and other settings are manageable from backend.

Show Featured Images in Slider

This plugin allows you to set default featured image for any post/page or custom post type post. When the featured image is not set, this image will be visible on both backend/frontend. Admin can easily find out from post listing screen which posts are missing featured image. Admin can set different default images for different post types from backend.

Register Default Featured Images.

Create Images of Custom Dimensions

This plugin allows you to create images of any custom dimensions for meeting your designing needs for your wordpress website. Custom sizes can be created from backend dynamically and can be used by the theme developers while creating theme for showing images of differnet size on different pages.

Register Custom Images Size

On the post listing screen in backend admin can also filter post using “By Featured Image” filter select box.

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