WP Enhanced Taxonomies

WP Enhanced Taxonomies is a WordPress plugin that improves and extends the WordPress taxonomies functionality. It makes work with terms more easy and comfortable than ever before.

Plugin will be useful for both users and theme developers who wants to make their product even better and more convenient for their customers.


Learn More about the plugin features:

Terms List

The appearance of the terms list table is completly changed to make it more graceful, compact and informative. What is not less important, it still looks organic in WordPress workspace.

Terms List preview.

  • Terms of hierarchical taxonomies are displayed as a tree, child terms have an offset and can be expanded/minimized using the control button. To expand the child terms of all levels just hold the ctrl key pressed while clicking on expand button. This feature, of course, not used while displaying search results.
  • Descriptions are limited by number of symbols (300 by default, can be changed by the filter). This prevents situations where one term with a long description occupies most of the viewport.
  • Instead of column with number of posts there is more informative column with term ID, number of posts and number of child terms.
  • Terms of taxonomies which supports the term image have an extra column with the image preview.
  • Filter form for terms sorting instead of sorting by headers columns. Sorting by publish date.

Sorting by date will work correctly only for terms created after the activation of the plugin, all the other terms will be sorted as if they were created on the same date the plugin was activated.

Description and Term Image

Visual Description and Term Image preview.

  • The terms plain-text description editor replaced with a TinyMCE editor. This allows you to create a high-quality formatted description (however, latest TinyMCE versions doesn’t support IE, so there it will work still as a simple plain-text editor… but seriously, who cares about IE) .
  • You can also set featured image for the term. There is the set of functions for work with terms images, completely similar to the functions for work with posts thumbnails.

Terms Checklist

Terms Checklist preview.

While editing post in classic editor and choose a term in the terms list metabox, the chosen item by default move out of the hierarchy to the top of the list. It’s not good, and this plugin removes that behavior and prevents the hierarchy break. Additionally, while loading edit post page, terms list scrolls to the first checked category.


You may change some of the defaul using the next filters:

Sets the taxonomies which supports the term image.

Limits terms descriptions length in the terms list table column by number of symbols.

Sets the description column content for the terms without description.

Details link.

Template tags:

There is the set of functions for work with terms images. All of them are the closest analogues of the functions for work with posts thumbnails.

Retrieves term image ID.

Checks if term has an image attached.

Returns the term image URL.

Displays the sanitized term image URL.

Retrieves the term image.

Displays the term image.

Sets the term image.

Details link.