WP Domain Watcher

About WP Domain Watcher

Every website owner needs this, that’s why the price is that low. Go and get WP Domain Watcher now.

WP Domain Watcher lets you keep an eye on your WordPress website’s domain expiry. It is a common case to forget the expiry date of your domain name, but that will not happen now. Get an alert rignt in admin area of your WordPress website if the domain name is about to expire during the set number of days.


  • Supports more than 1000 TLDs.
  • Adds an alert notice to WP admin area if domain’s expiry is near (check screenshots)
  • Customizable threshold (days before expiry to alert you)

WP Domain Watcher makes use of WP CRON and it runs twice a day to check for domain’s expiry date. Now don’t rely on your registrar to send you email alerts when your domain name is about to expire or don’t worry about checking the expiry date of your domain again and again. Get an alert directly in your WordPress site’s admin area when the expiry date is near.


Version 1.0 (May 25, 2019)

Initial release