WP Conditions & Variables

WP Conditions & Variables allows you to variable usage and create conditional contents in your contents. Plugin has 46 pre-defined conditions and 15 pre-defined variables. It also allows you to create your own conditions and variable using simple PHP code blocks.


You can do everything with this, Imagine and write once then add into any content. Some of things you can do is below:

  • Pageview counter
  • Show last update time of content
  • Different content for different user roles or visitors
  • Different content for different browsers
  • Show content for only specified category
  • …..


To get help about plugin usage, you can watch plugin video at youtube.

Save your or customer’s time, don’t change theme’s codes. Use WP Conditions & Variables plugin for conditional content or add any variable to any post/page/CPT.


Use and convert your static content to dynamic.


  • Easy usage
  • Editor dialogs for adding conditions/variables into content
  • 46 Built-in Conditions
  • 15 Built-in Variables
  • Admin Page for creating your own conditions
  • Admin Page for creating your own variables

Future Features that will be added:

  • Parameter support for variables
  • New useful conditions
  • New useful variables