WP Beautify Pro

WP Beautify Pro is a WordPress plugin with 3 functions

1) Search for royalty free images online, edit them on the fly (no Photoshop needed!) and insert them into your posts, or share them on your social networks.

Also imports images directy from your social networks (Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Flickr…)

2) Import over 650 fonts and 50+ font effects to use in your WP editor

3) 7 video skins to give your videos an unique look. Add a logo over your videos.

The first step to engaging visitors and reducing bounce rates is to keep them on your website once they’ve arrived.

Custom branding and your own personal touch on the look and feel of your text, images and videos will tell your visitors that your business is professional, capable and that your products and services are above standard.

WP Beautify Pro makes it so easy to customise the look and feel of text, images, videos, pages and posts.

Your content will leap off the screen with non-standard fonts and our stunning text effects that are not available in other font plugins.