WP Anti Hack File Monitor

Hackers are attacking the websites to modify it’s code and perform malicious activities. For example they likes to force the website to send spam e-mails.

They modify the files so these actions are performed in the background.

In some cases you won’t even notice that your website were hacked because it acts normally.

This is why you need a file monitor – a script which can detect any file modification/creation/deletion.

But having just a file monitor is not enough. You need to have all 3:

Backup, Monitor, Notificator

WP Acti Hack File Monitor has all of these 3. It creates a backup of your files, so you’ll be able to revert any changes. Thanks to very convenient file comparator, you’ll be able to read which lines were modified and how. You don’t need to login via FTP to see and analyze the changes.