WP Analytify Shortcodes

An addon plugin to WP Analytify that adds new shortcodes such as

How it works?
Shortcode allows users to fetch top pages from Google Analytics and show them as a list.

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How to install?

Available parameters:

  • period – defines time period we want to get (like: “2 months”, “last month”, “last 3 weeks”). Required
  • to – when period does not contain a word “last” we need to define point in time which is the last day of required period (so 2 weeks to 2018-12-01 is between 2018-11-14 and 2018-12-01)
  • limit – number of rows we want to show
  • exclude-home-page – pass “yes” if you want to exclude home page (which gets the most number of views usually) from results
  • post-type – required post type in results
  • title-remove – text we want to remove from the page title

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* 1.0 (2018-12-27)
    * First release

Support available in Polish and English!