WordPress Youtube Automated Video CMS

WordPress Youtube Automated Video CMS

This plugin helps users to build Video CMS from YouTube, they can add their YouTube sources, using YouTube API V3.

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  • YouTube sources could be a YouTube Channel, a YouTube Playlist or even a YouTube User ID.
  • WordPress Cron “wp_cron” is used to automatically grab videos from YouTube source on a specific time set by the user.
  • The user cab also disable the auto-grab mode and during that only manual update can be achieved.

User can fully control the automated process like

  • Maximum latest videos for each source
  • Default post author
  • Default post status
  • Ability to add video date after / before the video post
  • Ability to add video description after / before the video post
  • Custom content before / after video post using WYSIWYG editor.
  • Enable / disable auto update feature
  • Video thumbnail automatically from YouTube
  • Unlimited sources
  • Unlimited categories for each source

We also provide complete log for actions in the system for example

  • Logs for cron job process [fails – successes – notices – warnings ] for each source update.
  • Ability to enable / disable logging.
  • Ability to enable auto deletion for logs [7 days – 2 week – month … etc]
  • Ability to view and delete certain log
  • Ability to clear all logs at once

You can create a big sites full of YouTube videos in less than 3 Minutes

The demo make by plugin in less than 3 Minutes and the content updated Automatically every 30 Minutes