WordPress / WooCommerce Voting

AP Voting Plugin allows voting on any product, post and page to User, Visitor and customer. when new vote is given on any product, post and page than notify via mail. Voting is based on fully ajax functionality when vote is given.

AP Voting is provide give vote on All Post, Page and WooCommerce Product. If wooCommerce is install and active than you want to vote on woocommerce product and also display own product settings for it otherwise its used in wordpress post and page voting.

This plugin Have many option to give vote like public voting, logged in user voting and IP voting.


  • Voting allowed on any post.
  • Voting allowed on any page.
  • Voting allowed on any woocommerce product.
  • Voting on product page.
  • Voting on single product page.
  • Public Voting (any one can give vote on product).
  • Logged in user only (Voting allow only for logged in user).
  • IP Voting (Voting is based on IP Address).
  • Fully Dynamic Mailing Functionality.
  • Send Voting mail when vote is given on any product.
  • Option to select voting icon images.
  • User Friendly.