WordPress WooCommerce Table Rate Shipping

Woocommerce Table Rate Shipping allows you to add shipping rules for calculating shipping. Shipping rates based on product weight, quantities and price. Once plugin configuration saved than shipping cost will be applied on the cart accordingly. Admin has the option to set how to shipping charges applied like on items, line item, category or cart based.

Why WordPress Woocommerce Table Rate Shippin

  • Shipping rate can be set according to need.
  • Set shipping rate on items, line item, category or cart.
  • Calculate shipping cost according to set limit.
  • For weight based shipping.
  • Set shipping rate for individual cart cost.


  • Woocommerce Table Rate shipping has the option to set Calculating shipping cost on per order, per item, per line item or per category.
  • This plugin calculates shipping cost based on items, weight, and price.
  • Table rate shipping plugin allows you to set maximum or minimum shipping cost display on checkout/cart from multiple shipping rules.
  • Admin can set shipping method title which will be displayed on checkout.
  • Admin can add, delete and edit the shipping rules.