WordPress WooCommerce Multi Seller Marketplace Plugin

Woocommerce Multivendor Marketplace is a powerful plugin which convert your woocommerce website into a multivendor e-commerce website. Where multiple sellers can sell their products on the same platform and their selling activities can be tracked from a centralized backend.

Marketplace Sellers Features:

  • Separate vendor profile and dashboard.
  • Product selling counter on single product page.
  • Product seller name with product.
  • Vendor can edit profile information.
  • Seller can add product in store and add product gallery image from vendor dashboard.
  • Feedback and review with star rating for every vendor’s product.
  • Vendor can edit, delete,change image of product, add simple, grouped, external and variable type product from front-end.
  • Vendor can set product in sales.
  • Seller can add variation for a product.
  • Vendor can see list of their own products.
  • Seller can see list of their own orders.
  • Vendor only can see their order items.
  • Seller can add coupon, see coupon list.
  • Seller can ask for withdrawal.
  • Vendor can add multiple payment option for withdrawal.
  • Seller can add banner and shop logo.
  • Vendor can see own sales report.

Marketplace Admin Features

  • Admin can enable or disable sales for vendors.
  • Administrator can set different commission for sellers.
  • Admin can set maximum and minimum amount withdrawals.
  • Administrator can see all vendors list, orders list, product list and withdrawal list of vendor.
  • Admin can see separate vendor’s product list.
  • Administrator can see sold-items, sold amount, commission amount of all vendors.
  • Admin can set showing records per page in front-end.
  • Administrator can delete vendor and assign all products to other vendor.
  • If vendor disable then its product automatically disable.
  • Admin can set marketplace menu and sub-menu background color.
  • Administrator can enable or disable vendor’s name showing on product details page.
  • Admin can set to display fake product quantity with time duration and text color of selling count in admin setting page.