WordPress WooCommerce Booking And Reservation Plugin

WordPress WooCommerce Booking And Reservation Plugin

These days customers want to purchase and book everything online including booking tickets, booking courses, doctors’ appointment etc. WordPress WooCommerce Booking and Reservation plugin will create dynamic booking and reservation for the products. This will convert the store into a dynamic event driven site. This plugin introduces new product type, bookable products. This empowers the store owner to sell bookable services as a product with respect to hourly and daily reservations. It will completely match with the services such as motels, hotels, events, and tourism. It will provide two types of bookings for the products that are –Many Bookings in One Day & One Booking For Many Days.

This product type lets admin manage all necessary booking service attributes such as date available, bookable period, slot period, stock value and price multiplier settings. Such products in the store catalog are represented with native store calendar, allowing for the date and time booking.

Note- This module will work only for Bookable Products e.g doctor’s appointment, movie booking system etc.

Features Of WordPress WooCommerce Booking And Reservation Plugin


  • Dynamic event creation.
  • Dynamic time setting.
  • Dynamic event display.
  • Brilliant UI and UX for event display and booking.
  • User-friendly interface for both admin and customers.


  • Can create bookable products.
  • Manage bookable products.
  • “Availability” tab is displayed when adding or editing a product.
  • Can create two kinds of bookable products: Many Bookings in One Day & One Booking For Many
  • Set a period available for bookings and reservations, e.g. bookings can be made only from 8:00 AM – 6:00 PM or 14 Sep 17 to 20 step 17.
  • Configure booking status for each slot (open or close).
  • Added an open and close panel with slider counter which will follow the module minimalist approach.
  • Add start and end date, number of items available for each slot.
  • For date selection, Date Time Picker is also enabled in the input field.
  • Flexible exclude days rules to prevent bookings for certain time slots and days (disable particular time slot, random days, and continuous days).
  • See all bookings in Booking customers list page.


  • Booking calendar is displayed in the front end, where customers can view availability and can make bookings.
  • Booking calendar allows selecting the date to book any product.
  • Check the availability, they can set the quantity of the bookable product while booking
  • Click on the calendar’s days or time slots to select the booking period they want.
  • See booking/reservation details in the shopping cart before placing the order.
  • Allow selected one or more timeslots.
  • Allow multiple bookings for the same time slot based on the available quantity of the bookable product.
  • The booked slot is shown as unavailable.

A full functional demonstration of the product can be experienced even before a purchase :grin:


"Initial release v 1.0.0""