WordPress Video Profits Affiliate Marketing Plugin

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Make Money With WordPress Video Profits Affiliate Marketing Plugin

Make money with wordpress and Boost up your earnings with WordPress Video Profits Affiliate Marketing Plugin. Get unlimited sales, leads and commissions from your websites videos. WordPress video profits plugin can easily multiply your earnings with unlimited call to actions, optin forms and not just that. You can add exclusive advertisements on top of your youtube videos by staying inside your wordpress website. One of the best and most top rated wordpress plugin for internet and affiliate marketers

What more do you need when you have got the best shot! With wordpress video profits plugin now you can add any type of html elements on top of your videos which means you can get upto 5x more results from your business website. WordPress video profits plugin easily targets your audience and live visitors belonging to any niche or category. WordPress video profits plugin easily changes the way you use videos on your blogs and websites.

What is WordPress Video Profits Affiliate Marketing Plugin

1- Every business website and blog on this planet interlinked with world wide web wants to generate more leads, sales and grow their business

2- In this present modern era most of the website owners have understood the power of social media and they use Youtube and Vimeo videos on their site.

3- But here is the thing, they are not using their videos to do more and bring better ROI

4- That’s where wordpress video profits plugin helps you out

5- WordPress video profits plugin lets you add unlimited calls to actions, optin forms and any type of html elements on top of your youtube or wordpress videos to take immediate action and convert those customers / visitors into direct leads, sales and commissions for you.

6- Every single video you post at your wordpress website or blog is waiting for you to integrate with wordpress video profits plugin so that you can even make 2x or 3x more results from your website.

7- This is one of the must buy software for everyone who have wp sites.

8- With wordpress video profits plugin make upto $150 from your sales with 100% commissions

9- WordPress video profits plugin allows you too many bonus options and promotion options

10- What else do you need when you can easily turn your videos into a profits making machine. WordPress video profits plugin possesses great potential which is far beyond your thinking.

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Features Of WordPress Video Profits Plugin

1. Add social sharing buttons on top of your videos

2. Add Click To Call / Action For Click To Share Your Video

3. Add Unlimited Optin Forms On Your Video

4. Add Banners Ads Inside Your Videos

5. Show Any Html content below / over the video

6. Ability to add a survey on top of your videos

7. You can add your webinar links and many other options

8. Place your own ads before / after / middle of your videos

9. Add affiliate links into your video and make money

10. Easily Redirect to pages after playback

11. Clean and 100% responsive video player

12. No branding or any other sponsored links

Change Log

Version 1.0 (17-07-2018) – WP video profits machine is 100% responsive and working with call to action and optin form

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