WordPress Users – Infusionsoft Integration



WordPress Users – Infusionsoft Integration plugin can integrates your WordPress Users and Infusionsoft Contacts. Easily add/update automatically Contacts into Infusionsoft when User add/update/register on your site.


  • Easily integrates WordPress User to Infusionsoft Contact
  • Add/Update automatically Contact into Infusionsoft when WordPress User add/update/register on your site.
  • Bulk WordPress Users integration
  • Easily map your WordPress User fields to Infusionsoft Contact fields
  • Also, support Infusionsoft Contact custom fields (Text, Text Area, Dropdown, Radio, List Box, Name, Email, Phone Number, Yes/No, Currency, Whole Number, Decimal Number, Percent, Social Security Number, Date, Date/Time, Day of Week, Month, Year, State and Website)
  • Making customer relationship management simple
  • Integrates unlimited WordPress Users

Author Ratings & Reviews

Author Ratings & Reviews


 - Initial release