WordPress Plugin to Embed Google Form


googleform is a WordPress plugin to embed google form easily to a site via generated shortcode. Google form is extremely useful as all the response is received in a spreadsheet and this response can also be export as excel sheet. You can also get email in a regular google environment. Building google form is also very easy and literally all sorts of form can be build. Google form can directly embed in a website via their embed code but this feature have some drawback. If you embed directly by google embed code it will also come up with their brand logo which is very unprofessional, you can not change any color according to your theme, the height, width also can not be maintained, irritating background, border shade etc. With my plugin I have solved all this problem.


  • Google multipage form support
  • Embed google form via plugin generated shortcode
  • Customize any color, font size from the option panel
  • Create and embed unlimited number of form
  • Get all the response in a single google spreadsheet
  • Export response in excel sheet
  • Get response via email
  • Mobile notification
  • Easy to use google form builder
  • Complete theme or website specific customization


All user response in Google Spreadsheet

Sample Google Form Field

You can also insert images, video, page break etc


  • The Plugin works with WordPress powered websites only