WordPress Instagram Plugin Posting

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Video Preview – brief overview.

Backend Preview – plugin backend.

Instagram Preview – post of instagram preview.

About WordPress Instagram Plugin

WordPress Instagram Plugin Posting helps to exclude the manual work while posting from WordPress to Instagram. The plugin posts video and images automatically from WordPress to Instagram according to settings. It supports WooCommerce Product, WordPress Page, WordPress Post.

No need API ID and APP Secret.


  • Multiple Accounts – the ability to use any number of accounts.
  • Proxies support – use a proxy for Instagram accounts.
  • Images support – posting images from WordPress to Instagram.
  • Video support – posting video from WordPress to Instagram. Video should be less than one minute.
  • Different post types – WooCommerce Product, WordPress Page, WordPress Post.
  • Categories posting – just select categories and post to Instagram.
  • Schedule posting – set the time interval for posting.

Instagram Account List

You can add, edit and delete any number of Instagram Accounts.

instagram account list

Edit Instagram Account

edit instagram account

    1. Adding login and password for Instagram Account.


    1. Can be used proxies for Instagram Account. Proxies should be high of quality.


    1. Choosing post type: WooCommerce Product, WordPress Post, WordPress Page.
      The plugin isn’t supporting other types of posts.


    1. Choosing Post Data.
      WooCommerce product:
      – video
      edit instagram account
      – product Image
      edit instagram account
      – product Gallery Random
      edit instagram account
      WordPress post:
      – video
      edit instagram account
      – featured Image
      edit instagram account

      WordPress Page:
      – video
      edit instagram account
      – featured Image
      edit instagram account

    2. Select categories, that you want to post to Instagram. If unchecked, all posts will be posted to Instagram.


    1. Choosing schedule for automatically posting to Instagram.


  1. Adding text for comments of Instagram posts. Also, you can use the macros, which automatically is inserting text depending on the value.
    For example, macros {nameproduct} – automatically insert title of WooCommerce product to comments of Instagram Posts.
    Support macros:

    • WooCommerce Product:
      {nameproduct} – title of woocommerce product
      {urlproduct} – URL of woocommerce product
      {priceproduct} – price of woocommerce product
      {categoryproduct} – category of woocommerce product
    • WordPress Post:
      {titlepost} – title of wordpress post
      {urlpost} – URL of wordpress post
      {categorypost} – category of wordpress post
      {authorpost} – author of wordpress post
    • WordPress Page:
      {titlepage} – title of wordpress page
      {urlpage} – URL of wordpress page
      {authorpage} – author of wordpress page