WordPress Imgur CDN

WordPress Imgur CDN plugin automatically synchronizes all your images to your Imgur account so that they are served from faster servers from all over the world. Not only this improves the page load times but also your SEO score.

This plugin allows you to synchronize your entire collection, update older posts with the new Imgur links, and also easily revert back all the changes in case you decide to do so.

Currently it does not work with 3rd-party editors like Visual Composer since they use custom shortcodes. It is in the roadmap though so will be added in the near future.



Q: Is it legal to use this script?
A: As long as you create your own Imgur app. Please read the documentation of the script to learn how to quickly create and configure your Imgur app.

Q: I have edited my image but the post still shows the old version.
A: This is how WordPress generally works. Whenever you edit an image WordPress doesn’t update every post with that change. If you however want to update all posts that have this image, you should run the updater in Tools section.

Q: Plugin says all my images are in sync but the Imgur album is empty.
A: There might be two reasons for that: either image uploads have failed during synchronization, or the album has been deleted from Imgur. You can clear all links in the Tools section, and then re-sync all your existing images.

Q: I get an error message that my image is corrupted but it looks fine.
A: For some reason this often happens when the file upload is enabled. There might be various reasons for this happening: from poor connection betwen your and Imgur servers to some work being done on Imgur’s end. It often helps if you switch to default upload method when Imgur fetches the image itself.

Q: Is my album public on Imgur?
A: No, your album is hidden. You can change your album settings on Imgur as you like.

Q: Why do I need to login with my Imgur account?
A: We create an album in your account so that it is ultimately you who controls all the images.

Q: Do you have my Imgur password now?
A: No, everything is stored in your WordPress database or Imgur.

Q: I cannot sync images anymore
A: Are you still using default Imgur app? You need to create you own app so that you don’t depend on the quota of the default app.