WordPress Image Hotlinking Protection

Image Hotlinking Protection

Protect your copyrighted images

If you’re having problem with thiefs that stealing your exclusive images, you must have this plugin!

By auto applying smart watermarked technology, your uploaded image will have the watermark, on your choice. Everything will be done automatically.

Smart Protection Technology

Same image link, but if you embed on your site, you will have the original image

When thief use the link to embed on their site, they will get watermarked image.

It’s smart, right?

Full Function List – Image Hotlinkin Protection

  • No need to config, auto enable, just active and use
  • Auto apply watermark
  • Smart Cache
  • Hotlink Image Opacity
  • Watermark settings: position, sample, opacity
  • Show URL of image on hotlink image
  • Show generated time of hotlink image
  • Show QR code on hotlink image & watermark image
  • Redirect direct click on image to specific page
  • Image not found page selection
  • Choose what image type (jpeg, png, jpg…) to protect
  • Domain whitelist: Allow specific site to embed your image
  • Bot-agents whitelist: Allow specifica bot to craw your image
  • IP Whitelist: Allow specific IP to embed your image
  • Social Whitelist: Allow your image to be shared on the networks with original image
  • Anti-Iframe: Protect your image from who use iframe embed
  • Clear watermark image folder
  • Prevent Scrape Bot to craw your site content
  • CDN Compatible

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Change log

10-25-2017 - Initial release v1.0