WordPress Doodle Polls

The first and only Doodle Plugin for WordPress

Integrate the awesome Doodle polls into your WordPress site. Get an overview of your events, show the participants and check their choices directly out of WordPress. Create polls (text or date), embed them via an shortcode and let your users participate.


  • Step by Step Tutorial for the Setup. See here
  • Create new polls
  • Embed a Doodle pool
  • Show all your doodle polls in an overview
  • Export poll data as Excel, print or PDF
  • Edit a poll on the Doodle site
  • Delete a poll
  • Create new poll options:
    • Set poll title
    • Set location
    • Enter a description
    • Set the options (as many as you want)

It is not possible to directly embed a Doodle poll, because Iframes etc are forbidden by Doodle itself. Therefore the participate button was created, which opens the poll in a new window.

Note: A Doodle Account and the free Redux Framework are required to use this plugin!