WordPress Data Importer

More than 8 years providing data import and auto-blogging services to the WordPress community. WordPress Data Importer is an expanding plugin, a collection of data management and post creation tools. Now I am happy to offer a powerful and Envato exclusive plugin, with a crazy-low price! You won’t believe you paid so little for such a professional data management solution.

Main Features

  • Data Import
  • Data Update
  • Post Creator
  • Post Updater
  • Over 100 Dashboard Widgets
  • Custom Fields/Post Meta Supported
  • Category Creator
  • Title Templates
  • Content Templates

Support Portal

WebTechGlobal now uses the Portal Plugin to create dedicated support areas for products and services. WordPress Data Importer has it’s own portal which focuses on bringing all the information you need to one section of our site. Some content may require your to submit your transaction ID so the website can confirm your support license status.

  • Portal Home
  • Tutorials
  • Blog
  • FAQ
  • Feature List
  • Screenshots
  • Developer Updates