WordPress Chat X (Upgrade Package)

Why upgrading?

  • Get latest version of CX (updates free and automatic)
  • CX is advanced version of LC.
  • Fast and lightweight
  • It will be always up-to-date.

Limitations & Differences

  • Your chat logs and settings in LC can’t be transferred to CX. The plugin will come clean and you will want to setup it from scratch.
  • CX doesn’t use AJAX anymore. You will need free Firebase account.
  • CX isn’t 100% GPL. It means 1 license for 1 website.
  • Please also read CX item page for all plugin limitations

Compare with LC

Chat X

Live Chat
Price $24 $17
Speed Realtime 1-2 seconds delay
Chat logs Yes Yes
Contact form message history Yes No
Max. users at the same time 50 5-10 (approx.)
Guest users Yes No
Allow to disable login form Yes No
SSL Yes No
Websockets Yes No
AJAX (Old technology) No Yes
Multilingual support Yes Yes
Custom company avatar Yes No
Desktop notifications Yes No
See if user is currently writing Yes No
End visitor chat (back-end) Yes No
Last seen info (back-end) Yes No
Visitor connecting info (back-end) Yes No
Mobile or desktop info (back-end) Yes No
Active page info (back-end) Yes No
Full UTF-8 support (All languages) Yes No
Email notifications Yes Yes
Responsive Yes Partly
Full session support Yes Buggy
Cache plugin support Yes Buggy
Licensing & Updates
100% GPL No Yes
New updates Yes No
License 1 domain Unlimited Domains