WordPress BuzzFeed Style Quiz Plugin


  • easy to use interface
  • two types of questions
  • unlimited number of questions and answers
  • responsive layout
  • ability to customize share message depending to social network
  • ability to add advertising to quiz results


  • Q: How I can set right or wrong answer in questions ?
  • A: Its not knowledge quiz. This plugin creates quizzes like personality quiz. So e.g. we have 5 results. In each question answer we set number of point to each result. E.g. 0 – not like, 1 – more or less, 2 – extremely like. So after passing quiz we calculate which result get biggest number of points and show it.
  • Q: How question HTML code works ?
  • A: Script check if user added custom HTML and output it, in case no HTML is used – image will be used.