WordPress Backgrounds Pro

WordPress Backgrounds Pro – WordPress Plugin

WordPress Backgrounds Pro allows you to display selected audio / images / slideshows / patterns / self hosted videos & YouTube videos as the website or page background, without the need to edit the theme. These backgrounds are displayed as fullscreen backgrounds and compliment any WordPress theme.

WordPress Backgrounds Pro allows you the ability to create 6 different types of backgrounds that can be applied to your site homepage or any blog post or page and even custom taxonomies.

The 6 different backgrounds available include:

  • Audio
  • Solid Colour
  • Pattern
  • Images
  • YouTube Video’s
  • Self hosted Video’s

WordPress Backgrounds Pro Features:

  • Create audio file backgrounds. Set them to auto-play when the page loads.
  • Create images backgrounds with a single image or multiple slideshow.
  • Create a pattern background using any of the 150+ backgrounds built-in.
  • Create a solid colour page background applying any colour you desire.
  • Create self hosted video backgrounds with alternate video’s & images for mobile devices.
  • Create YouTube backgrounds setting single video’s or custom playlists.
  • Easy to use user friendly Control Panel.
  • Detailed step by step illustrated documentation.
  • Built-in Update Notification System