WooZips by WinnComm


Do you sell your products to specific addresses only?

WooZips allows you to specify delivery locations using zip codes on ecommerce sites using WooCommerce powered by WordPress. It’s easy!

The only thing your customers need to do is enter a zip code, hit “enter” button and they will be instantly notified if the product is deliverable in their area and the “buy now” button will light up. If it’s not available, the “buy now” button will stay grayed out (disabled) and will be unclickable. And the best part, is that you won’t have to call your customers apologizing that the product is not deliverable in their area. Once you purchase and download the plug-in, you can find it in the shipping area of WooCommerce. Also, we do supply documentation to help you understand the steps from install to implementation. So you’re not without help at all! Also, you can email us 24/7/365 here on CodeCanyon!

Isn’t it nice to cater to your clients or potential clients within a geographical area? Well, you can do this now with precise targeting with a database we have for all zip codes in the 50 states of the United States. Take for an example below from USA Garden Care (Live Preview above):

The great feature to this is locking down products/services, yes with services… To a central area only. This is great for anyone service related that wants to stay within certain geographical areas. Or you can expand to other areas, but with a different pricing model due to traveling constraints. So it’s power is up to your settings!

Once you purchase, you’ll be able to tie in instantly after you import the database tables we have ready to go for every zip code available within the 50 states of the United States.

Example with WooZips on the above example product.

What are you waiting for? Stop fumbling around with trying to sell your product/service within your targeted area… With WooZips, we made it easier for you to geographically target your area(s) of interest.

Requirements for WooZips:

  • WordPress
  • WooCommerce
  • Command line via SSH to run the import script into the DB. One command is given and it’ll import depending on the speed of your server(s).