WooReminder – Product Reminder plugin for WooCommerce

WooReminder is a WordPress plugin built for WooCommerce. WooReminder boosts sales of your WooCommerce Shop by sending reminder Email to customers to re-order items/products that they have purchased earlier in your shop.

Shop admin has to set reminder days(How many days after the purchase of product a reminder should be sent) for products. WooReminder will take care of sending reminder Emails to customers. WooReminder act as virtual IoT re-order button for your online shop, meaning there is no physical button at all present in this case. Instead, WooReminder sends Email and make the customer buy from your shop with email links present on reminder mail. WooReminder is a must have plugin for shops which use WooCommerce to sell daily consumable product categories like Groceries, Cosmetics, Foods & Supplements etc.

How is WooReminder helpful to shop Customer?

WooReminder makes the customer to re-order products easier just by clicking email links and this prevents the customer from running out of their loved products.
Which reduces customer shopping time and customer don’t have to remember about purchasing products on time.
Your customer will love this reminder feature from your shop.

How is WooReminder helpful to Shop Owner?

Day to day Consumable products are more important for customers. If they ran out of it, they might reach out to the nearest store to get it on the same day because they must use it in order to run the day and sometimes they might forget to get from your shop too due to urgencies.
This is where sending a reminder mail on time or Prior makes them to buy again and again from your shop before they get frustrated of running out. Which results in customer retention, as well they’ll be happy with the convenient your shop provides. So more sales to the shop owner.

What kind of shops can benefit from WooReminder?

If the shop is selling consumable products, then WooReminder is best suit.
Following are some example category but not limited to

  • Cosmetics & Grooming
  • Groceries
  • Foods & Supplements
  • Any day to day consumable products

Why Customer retention? – There are many reasons to focus on customer retention, but in simple it is a known fact that 60- 80% of your company future income comes from existing customer.
and selling to a new customer cost 8-10X more than to an existing customer.

WooReminder Payoff

  • Convert one time buyer to regular buyer
  • Customer Retention
  • Boost sales
  • Easy usability for your customer

Many features to be added in near future :)

- V 1.0
 Initial Release