WooPay Pay Per page/Post – WooCommerce WordPress Plugin

Best way to sell pages & posts, users need to login and purchase a product related to the page/post and content will be unlocked. The plugin creates a custom field which you need to fill in the product id/number which user need to purchase to unlock the content. Multiple products can be added.

The plugin check if the user logged in and if has purchased the related product. Once the product is purchased the content is unlocked, if not then a message with the related product link will be displayed.



  • Easy integration with Woocommerce
  • Pay Per Page
  • Pay Per Post
  • Multiple-item selling
  • Shortcodes

Plugin Shortcodes

[woocommerce-payperpost template=’all’]
This shortcode shows list of the pages/posts users can purchase

[woocommerce-payperpost template=’purchased’]
This shortcode shows list of the purchased pages/posts by user