WooGeoProduct WooCommerce

A plugin for WooCommerce to show product based on country, region and/or city. User can add multiple options or leave blank for all.



  • Geo-target multiple product/category
  • Geo-target by country
  • Geo-target by region/state
  • Geo-target by city
  • Disable/Remove Geo-targeted product
  • Show-Hide Geo-target product


How to Use it? Its very simple, all you have to do is add the targeted country ISO code in the country field, as well as the targeted region/state ISO and add the targeted city. Then select Show from Show/Hide menu and click Save Settings.

If you are targeting country only for example United States, then you can just type us and save, no need to fill in the state or city fields.

List of Country Codes List of Country/Region Codes

You can select the product you want to Geo-target by selecting/typing the product name from products field, or you can also Geo-target products by categories again by selecting the targeted category from the product categories field.

Disable Geo-targeted product You can disable the Geo-tageted product by checking the disable check filed and click save.

Remove Geo-targeted product You can remove the Geo-targeted product by checking the remove check filed and click save.

To Geo-target multiple product, click insert new row and continue with your options.

Important Note This plugin reads the visitor’s IP address to obtain location information. If this IP is somehow blocked or is unknown then there is no way for the plugin to know which country the visitor is from. Also, if the visitors are using VPN, then they might not be able to see Geo-targed products.