WooFeatured: WooCommerce Category Featured Product

WooFeatured is a WooCommerce extension that allows you to set any number of featured or recommended products for any of your WooCommerce product categories with a couple of mouse clicks (no coding or template modifications needed).

Your featured products will display directly at the top of your WooCommerce category pages, allowing them to be highlighted to increase purchases of your most profitable or best-selling products. This is a serious boost to your e-commerce store because it takes the guesswork out of your customers’ hands and let’s you tell them which products in a category are the best for them to purchase.

After uploading and activating the WooFeatured extension, you can setup all of your featured products and increase your store’s sales in under 5 minutes…without writing a single line of code yourself!


  • Install and setup in under 5 minutes without any hassles
  • Select as many featured products for each category as you want
  • Set featured products only for the categories you want (other categories will display normally)
  • Increase sales of your most profitable products by guiding customers to purchase the featured products you designate