WooFAQs: WooCommerce Product FAQs

WooCommerce Product FAQs

WooFAQs is an extension for WooCommerce that allows you to add Frequently Asked Questions to your store’s products. FAQs are great additions to your store for several reasons. They make it easier and faster for your visitors to get the information they need about your products that allow them to make purchases faster and with less customer service support than ever before. Additionally, FAQs on your product pages are great for SEO because they give you more targeted content relating to each product which Google can use to determine that your store is an authority site.

After uploading and activating the WooFAQs extension, you just have to add any number of FAQs to your WooCommerce products. Once they are entered, your FAQs will appear in a new tab on your product page called “FAQs” automatically. You will also have access to add more and remove any FAQs from any product as you see fit (without ever writing a single line of code).


  • Install and setup in under 5 minutes without any hassles
  • Add as many FAQs to your products as you need / want
  • Easily remove any FAQs from any products at any time
  • Great for SEO by providing additional targeted and helpful content to product pages
  • Increases sales conversions by providing visitors with the information they need to make their purchase