WooCommerce Xero Integration Plugin

WooCommerce Xero plugin helps you to integrate your WooCommerce store with Xero account. It automatically creates the invoices for your WooCommerce sales in Xero and sends the product, shipping, discount, and tax data to zero as well. You can send your sales invoices to Xero manually or automatically when the order is placed.

Main Features of WooCommerce Xero Integration Plugin

  • Integrate Xero Account with WooCommerce
  • Auto Create WooCommerce Sales Invoices in Xero
  • Send Product, Shipping, Discount, & Tax data to Xero
  • Auto or Manually Send WooCommerce Invoices to Xero

Automatically Create Invoices in Xero

WooCommerce Xero plugin helps you to create invoices in Xero automatically. When an order takes place on your e-store, the invoice will be created in Xero right away.

woocommerce xero plugin - Create Invoice

Send Various Order Data to Xero

WooCommerce Xero integration plugin sends various types of details in invoices such as customer, product, shipping, discount, and tax.

woocommerce xero plugin - Sends Data

Manually Send WooCommerce Invoices to Xero

You can also send the WooCommerce invoices to Xero manually by using WooCommerce Xero plugin.

woocommerce xero plugin - Manually Create Invoices