WooCommerce Variation Price Hints



WooCommerce Variation Price Hints Plugin

Have you ever been frustrated with the way WooCommerce displays prices of variable products?

Your customers first have to select each and every option of a variation before any prices are calculated. Even if you have finally selected a variation there is no way of knowing prices of the different combinations of variation options, before you have effectively selected each one – one at a time. We feel that it is important to let your customers make informed decisions and give you our new plugin „variation price hints“.

Main Features

  • Show prices in variation dropdowns
  • Even show „from“ prices in dropdowns during selection
  • Works with as many variation dropdowns as you need
  • Fully integrated: Uses standard hooks and therefore is compatible with most themes and plugins (contact us if you find one that does not work)
  • Let’s you set default variations: Either always preselect the first variation or always select the cheapest variation
  • Uses ajax to load variation data as to not have an impact on page load speed
  • Customizable: Change the way your variation dropdowns display text and prices