WooCommerce Subscription Report

WooCommerce Subscription Report plugin will help you get various reports for your Subscription based site which is using WooThemes Subscription Plugin 2.2.8+

There are various reports, Dashboard showing various summaries, Key indictors, various filter options, and ability to export data to CSV, Excel, PDF

Requirements –

WordPresss 3.0+ to 4.8
WooCommerce: 2.1.10 to 3.1.1
WooThemes Subscription Plugin Version 2.2.8+


  1. Dashboard Summaries
  2. Active Subscriber Count, Active Subscription Count, Paid Signup Count, Total Free Trial Signup Count, Total Paid Subscriber Count, Total Cancellations Count, Total Revenue, New free trial Signup count, New Paid Subscriber Count, New Cancellations Count, Current Month Recurring Revenue, Annual Run Rate, Average Revenue per Paid User (ARPPU), Total Refunded Amount

  3. Daily Summary
  4. This report shows subscription daily summary with User Count, Free Trials Count, Paid Subscriber Count, 24 Hr. Conversion Rate, Total Conversion Rate, Cancels, Total Cancels, New Revenue, Renewal Revenue, Refunds

  5. Subscription Detail
  6. Subscription detail report shows order detail followed by Subscription)

  7. Subscription Renewals Due
  8. Subscription renewals due report gives Renewal Dates and other required subscription details. This helps admin to know what the next renewal dates of subscribers are.

  9. Subscription Expire
  10. Subscription Expire report will give list of subscriptions Expired Dates and also gives list of subscription which will be expire in Next days.

  11. Subscription Summary Report
  12. Fund Flow (Daily, Monthly, Yearly, Subscription)
  13. Fund flow will give report on upcoming renewals for daily, monthly, yearly and subscription product wise.)

  14. Crosstab Reports
  15. This report shows Subscription Products by Month and Subscription fund flow by Month crosstab)