WooCommerce Remind Me

Sends special reminders to your customers.

Places a great-looking animated bell icon on the product pages. Your customers can type in email addresses and add a reminder. Automatically sends e-mail when the product arrives or price is down. The bell view, the contents of the email and mores you can personalize everything for your site. You can see the list of emails, you can get information about their status.


  • Send custom reminders to your customers.
  • Automatically emails when product in stock or when price down.
  • It allows your customers to record a reminder for the desired product.
  • Places an animated bell symbol on the product pages.
  • Customize the reminder with the email editor.
  • Adds direct link to product on the email.
  • It records and lists your e-mail list.
  • It gives information about reminder results.
  • With CSS support and icon settings, your theme matches exactly.


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