Woocommerce Related Products Plugin, Upsell / Cross Sell Recommendation

WooCommerce Recommendation Engine helps you maximize revenue by suggesting relevant and frequently bought together products to your potential customers. With every product, you can attach additional store items to up-sell, cross-sell, or a sell a combination. Add a widget to display frequently bought together products either in the sidebar, header, or footer. You can customize the widget to ensure its usability.

Smartly Display Frequently Bought Together Products

With the help of WooCommerce recommendation engine plugin, you can display relevant and matching products to each product detail page. It facilitates your potential customers in knowing the additional products they may need in combination with the one they are purchasing. So, they can easily shop for the frequently bought together products with a single click.

  • Add multiple products as frequently bought together
  • Improve sales by recommending a combination of products

Maximize Store Revenue with Cross Selling and Up Selling

Up-selling and cross-selling are among the impressive strategies of revenue maximization. WooCommerce Recommendation Engine plugin allows you to link high-quality products and relevant products to earn more from an order. Let the users find premium and relevant store items when they are browsing certain products.

  • Separate fields for adding products to Up-sell and Cross-sell
  • Modify the fields whenever you need

Add Frequently Bought Together Widget wherever you want

WooCommerce Recommendation Engines gives you the freedom to display frequently bought together widget wherever you want. Select an attention-grabbing spot on the landing pages to add a widget. You can add the widget as a slider in the sidebar, below the header, or in a footer column. Following are the available options.

  • Sidebar
  • Below Header
  • Footer Column1
  • Footer Column2
  • Footer Column3
  • Footer Column4

Customize the widget for higher visibility

The Frequently Bought Together widget offers exclusive customization options. You can write a custom title and description to ensure the end users understand the purpose of the display box. Try these options to personalize the widget.

Title – Write an appealing widget title like best selling products, most demanding items, or frequently bought together.

Description – Write a custom description to help users find the purpose of the widget. You can write instructions for the users to select products out of the widget.

Select the number of products to show – Enter the number of products you want to display in the widget. It helps you control the display of products that are frequently bought together.

Additional Settings of WooCommerce Recommendation Engine

  • Configure display the products linked as frequently bought together
  • Select horizontal layout for the widget
  • Select Order statuses to govern products display