WooCommerce Quick Product Editor

The WooCommerce Quick Product Editor enhances your productivity by allowing you to easily bulk edit all the existing simple and variable (including its variations) products!

Note: The plugin, like WordPress, requires a minimum 5.5 PHP version.


(Shop admin account)
user: demo
pass: demo

(customer account)
user: demo2
pass: demo

How it works

The plugin seamlessly integrates into your WooCommerce installation. Once activated you will find the Quick product editor menu voice under the Product menu.
The quick editor is a straightforward and powerful editor that allows you to assign new values to existing products like price (fixed value, increase/decrease by percentage or fixed value), taxonomies (categories or tags), shipping attributes and so on.

Load values from existing product

Would you like to copy values from a product and bulk assign to new others? You can! just using the Load values from product metabox you can load values from any existing product and assign to the ones you need!

Variable products and variations

The quick editor, in case of variable products, easily allows you to assign values to any of its variations and eventually even to the master product (this could be useful for shipping related values like weight, height and width).

WPML compability

The plugin manipulates product objects using the native WooCommerce APIs in order to grant full compability with WPML plugin.




= 1.0 - 22.02.18 =
* First release