Woocommerce Product Reservation


Let’s say that you have many products and your customers like the products, but one of your customers is somehow need to rethink about a certain product before buying it, but this customer is afraid that the product will be out of stock when he come back .

In this issue our plugin comes into play, the user can reserve the product until he comes back, it’s like OK we got your product in safe place until you decide but not so long, the admin can specify the amount of time for this product .

Although if the user comes back before the reservation ends and want to get this product, he can open his my account page and choose from the list of his reserved product and add to cart the required products


  • Create a reservation time for products
  • Show on the front-end a countdown timer
  • Decrease the stock quantity on reservation
  • Work with all types of products
  • Add to the cart the reserved product from my-account page
  • For the user you can check for the your reserved product from your profile page
  • The admin can see who reserved the product and get his/her email and get in touch( for marketing purpose, please check screen 5 )