WooCommerce Product Options

High quality form builder

  1. Front-end WYSIWYG form builder with big elements library and unlimited nested rows
  2. Unlimited possibilities of forms layouts
  3. Support of theme styles of form elements – form will look as other forms in theme
  4. Plugin provide minimum CSS which is help with styles customization
  5. Form have pure HTML storage format – which is help very good with advanced customization

Builder demo


Any text element can have mathematical expression with strings concatenation and comparison operators – just click the right mouse button over text element to configure. With this feature you can:

  • Create product price calculator with any mathematical complexity
  • Provide intermediate price calculations in any place of form to help understand price calculation

String concatenation example:

how it configured:

Discount example:

how it configured:

Conditional logic

Any form part can have visibility logic – just click the right mouse button over element to configure. With this feature you can:

  • Describe how changed price calculation based on user choices (in any place of form)
  • Provide any additional information to help understand current stage of price calculation (in any place of form)

how it configured:

Summary table builder

Any order summary in any form part with any layout and with calculations/conditions support. With this feature you can show current stage of price calculation (based on previous user choices) in more formal way – summary table.

Other features

  1. Text field with regular expression field value validation
  2. Select field
  3. Checkboxes
  4. Radio buttons
  5. Range slider
  6. Date picker
  7. File upload
  8. Color picker
  9. Color-fan radio buttons and checkboxes
  10. Images radio buttons and checkboxes
  11. Icons radio buttons and checkboxes
  12. Table
  13. Google map
  14. Video
  15. Icon
  16. Custom image
  17. Supported all elements from this library which is provided by this plugin
  18. Shortcodes supported too

Builder documentation