WooCommerce Product Finder

Choosing the Right Product made Easy – Interactive Product Finder helps you convert visitors into customers.

Searching for a plethora of products can be a time-consuming as well as a tedious task when you’ve set your mind to buy something specific. If you are an e-commerce store owner, this fact can be sale-diminishing. Your customers will not make purchases if they are fin

Ding it tough to search a certain product.

The WooCommerce Plugin for enhancing your sales by recommending the customers what they are looking for

WooCommerce Product Finder let customers narrow down the product list on the basis of their choices. It enables the store owners to add a questionnaire to the product page. The product recommendations are then rendered according to the answers, given by the users. You can showcase ‘n’ number of products, matching to the answers and query.

Key Features

  • Create a questionnaire and show recommendations according to user’s’ answers
  • Easy to Customize
  • Quick setup
  • Boosts the sales by reducing the search time
  • Customize the number of products to be shown in suggestions and deliver the best user experience, just as you wanted.

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Create Questionnaires

You can create questions and add options as radio buttons or checkboxes. Render multiple questions on a product page in the form of questionnaires by utilizing the plugin’s functionality and it will collect the answers and therefore, the information about interest trends.

Questionnaire-based searches

The user data, collected through the questionnaires, will help you list the best recommendations, as per the choices made by the customers. Users will see the products which are meeting most of their requirements.

Create multiple Wizards in no time

In order to create a wizard, you will need to add the wizard title and select its category. After saving the wizard, add questions and options to it. Now, you can embed the newly-created wizard to the desired page and showcase the questions. It’ll immediately enable your visitors to search quicker and smarter.

Add any number of Questions and related options to Created Wizard

Questions can be added to the wizards by typing in the title and choosing the question type. You can enable checkbox or radio buttons for the users at present. Adding images, values, attribute name, option title will be enough to create an option.