Woocommerce Product Disclaimer

WooCommerce Product Disclaimer

Woocommerce extension where you can set some items so that when you press “add to cart” , a disclaimer pops up asking you to agree to terms before item gets added to cart. If you accept, item gets added to cart, if you decline, item does not get added to cart.

Extension have ability to set different disclaimer text for different products and to set a disclaimer text and apply to all items in aparticular category.


When you upgrade from Woocommerce Product Disclaimer (version 1) to Woocommerce Product Disclaimer (version 2) you must upgrade all your disclaimer inputs and that because the use of an inheritance system in the new version. so if you want to show the message attached to a product then choose active from “disclaimer option” before you update the product and if you want to show the message attached to a category then choose active from “disclaimer option” before you update the category and if you want to show a general message on all products, check on “Activate General Disclaimer” and add your message in disclaimer settings page.


  • Woocommerce Product Disclaimer Changelog *

2015.04.17 – version 2.1

  • fix: bind actions on add to cart buttons generated from woocommerce shortcodes

2015.03.29 – version 2.0

  • New: The plugin uses an inheritance system to allow you to add a disclaimer to a product only or a category and all its products or all products through general disclaimer.
  • New: Use the same inheritance system on the reject url.
  • New: You can activate cookies in the same inheritance system so that the user does not have to accept on the same terms if he did before.
  • New: Settings page to control styling, cookies, disclaimer button labels and general disclaimer to apply on all products.
  • New: Added compatibilty with variable products
  • Fix: HTML special characters skipping and encoding
  • Fix: General style fix of body of the page get shrink sometimes